Our Services

The pet is delivered to the owner at the door.

Our organization includes transporting the pets both from abroad to Turkey and from Turkey to abroad.


Informing your veterinary about the process

Checking and confirming your pet’s health documents for validity in Turkey and abroad

Receiving International Health Document from the Regional Agriculture Department

Cargo reservation and document organisation

Custom Clearance(entry to Turkey OR exit from Turkey)

Checking your pet’s cage standarts according to IATA rules

Providing you with the details of the IPATA agency of your pet’s destination country

Our Services
1. Pet Transportation Service from Turkey - Export -

VIP Overseas Output Service (Door to Door)

Pick up from house and airport delivery

Destination delivery transport service


Consulting Service

VIP private passenger transport

Other services

2. Pet Transportation Service from Abroad to Turkey - Import -

VIP domestic pet Introduction service

Pet Delivery Destination service

Consulting Service

Other services

3. Consulting Service

Your Pet will go to any country abroad or will be imported from abroad and you don’t know the customs law, AFL operations and procedures of the destination country? The import process if you do it yourself or abroad outside Turkey and you will need all the information, please contact our specialists.

4. VIP Private Person One-to-One Migration

A) Domestic VİP Pet entry service
Pet received by IPATA partners abroad after completing output operations sent via Cargo planes to Turkey. Pet will be cleared by customs after arriving in Turkey within 3-4 hours and delivered to home address reliably.
B) VİP Pet Output abroad
Pet taken from home address in Turkey and delivered reliably to destination abroad

5. Other Services

Going abroad with your pet IATA standards crate is essential for carrying pets. Aircraft companies do not allow commercially available transport cages . If requested our company is able to provide IATA standard crates for your pets and fight dogs like Argentina Dogo, Pitbull can be carried only in special boxes which can be ordered upon request.

In case the flight is cancelled or missed our company will provide hygienic environment, veterinary controlled pet accommodation at affordable prices.
Each country may vary with customs law and AFL. If you planning to import or export your pet it is recommended to get information about the current rules and regulations of the country. Missing documents and information will not allow your pet to enter destination country and “Quarantine” process will be taken, which will cause material and spiritual problems.

We have shared below some informations about the most used destination countries. Our company does not take any responsibility at the countries change of laws and process. If you cannot find the country in our provided list, you will need accurate and updated information fort he countries you want to sent your pet, please contact our specialists for consulting services.

6. Pet Insurance

1) Pet insurance inside Turkey
This type of PET insurance is valid only within the borders of Turkey. Used by our customers usually pet brought to Turkey from other countries Turkey (destination) and form Turkey (origin) to other countries.
2) International pet insurance
This type of PET insurance, PET owner (consignor) pet carrier (for example 9 Ekim), or airline company starts from the moment that the (insurance covers the previous 6 hours from the maximum flight) and PET owner (the buyer) PET’s arrival at the point of delivery takes so far. This type of insurance directly to the loss, theft, or damage to the animal’s death. This type of insurance, animal damage or die of its own accord and at the same time, it does not cover death due to natural causes.

7. Pet Airline Ticket And Reservation Service

IATA (international Air Transport Association) means your  pet  to go overseas with the airport cargo ticketing transactions…


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