Most airline companies do not allow you to travel with owners of cats, and cats are forced to travel in a special, hot and pressured part of the luggage compartment.

Most of the cats can travel very well; But it is not recommended to make a plane trip for a pregnant cat or for three months. Africa, not all flight flights have a pet registration permit, so your cat may have to travel on a different route than you.

The International Air Transport Association Standards state that the carriage box must be standing and should not be large enough to turn around easily.

Once you arrive at the place of varicose vein, place it in a cuddly room and be sure that it is safe, comfortable and you can not escape. Give him water and some food; But may not want to eat food for a while until the investment period. Do not allow the cat to go out for at least a week and be sure to be recognized if it disappears. Do not give me food for 12 hours so that your cat will open and return to you to eat the food you are calling. Gradually allow more discovery and use food to make sure you do not go too far and return for regular meals.

For kittens, the production of portable bags is mostly aimed at the veterinary treatment; So the pussy is often too eager to get into this bag. Before you travel, you should take the time to get your cat in good shape by using your travel bag or cage.

Make the carrying handbag a lovely place – nourish your cuddly biscuits and make a comfortable bed with a cover that can be used on the cruise, smelling it. Leave the door open and get in and out of the bay and encourage it to sleep in. Then, when the actual journey time comes, the cat is at least familiar with the environment in which it is prepared.

If you have more than one cat, it would be better if you could set up your own bags to carry on; So you get a better airflow, more space and a lower chance of overheating. Even the best of friends can be nervous on the journey and behave to each other, nervously, not at all. For this reason, separate carry-on bags will prevent any injuries. At the very least, they can easily see each other and feel comfortable.

Do not give him food for about four to five hours before the trip, in case you have a feeling of discomfort in your travels. Give it back up to the time you get back and, if possible, water again on the journey. You can take it from the gates attached to the fences because it does not float on the cruise line and is easily filled without a delay on the journey and without the need to open the fence

The following prohibited species are listed below according to IATA standards.







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