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As Pet Transportation Turkey (a member of 9 Ekim Group), we have been in international pet transportation business (cats and dogs) since 2011. With our experience over the years, we are more than glad to help you move your little ones all around the world. The international pet transportation is a very delicate process which should be handled only by capable hands. After all, you entrust your family members to the people you don’t know. Being pet lovers ourselves, not only will we prepare all the paperwork meticulously, but also we will try our best to make your pets feel safe, as we know what they mean to you.

Although our base is in Istanbul Airports (IST and SAW), we operate in all the airports in Turkey.

Pet owners would like to travel with their pets most of the time. Even though this is understandable, it may not always be possible because of the formalities in the procedures. When you need help with those procedures, we, Pet Transportation Turkey are there to ease things for you.

It forms a basis for Pet Transportation Turkey’s services to handle all the procedures in a professional manner with sensitivity towards its customers. We perform all the operations inside and outside of Turkey to provide you a smooth, safe and fast service.

Veterinary experts take direct part in our organization. Our experts take care of all the details for each pet seperately. As we go through the procedure, we inform you about all the details for each step. Our veterinarians check all the health care documents for pets such as vaccination and quarantine.

A team of professionals follows every stage of the process closely and keeps you well-informed. All necessary measurements are taken by our consultants for pets to have a healthy and safe transportation process. Your pet is also controlled by the flight crew during the flight and delivered to his owner at its destination. Our services include transportation of  pets from Turkey to abroad and vice versa.

We Provide The Best Services!

You want to export or import your pet but you are lost in the details of the procedures? We are here for you! Got questiones? Contact our specialists. We are more than happy to help 🙂

Consulting Service
Your Pet will go to any country abroad or will be imported from abroad and you don’t know the customs law…
VIP Service
Pet received by IPATA partners abroad after completing output operations sent via Cargo planes to Turkey…
Pet Insurance
Used by our customers usually pet brought to Turkey from other countries Turkey (destination) and form Turkey (origin) to other countries…
Other Service
Going abroad with your pet IATA standards crate is essential for carrying pets. Aircraft companies do not allow commercially available…

What We Can Do

Our professional team follows every stage of process closely and keeps you well-informed. All necessary measures are taken by our consultants for pets to have a healthy and safe transporting process. Also the attendants control the pets to fulfill their needs during the transport.

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